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Indoor Herb Garden Design to Look for Inspiration


Get inspired by following these 24 Indoor Herb Garden Suggestions we have gathered from around the net, click the links provided below to find the tutorials and images which you want to learn about.
Nothing beats a couple of sprigs of fresh herbs directly from the planter itself. However, if you’re short of outdoor space or have weather conditions that dissuade you. Create an indoor herb garden.

Indoor Herb Garden Inspirations

1. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Image Source : eighteen25.com

Every home has mason jars not develop a indoor herb garden in them.

2. Tiered Herb Garden

Image Source : fancyfrugallife.com

Do not have sufficient space to set the pots? Make this drowsy herb garden.

3. Wine Bottle Holder Herb Garden

Image Source : www.curbly.com

Mount an Ikea wine holder and plant your herbs into pint glasses.

4. Countertop Tin Can Herb Garden

Image Source : www.hgtv.com

In case you have any space in your counter, you can create this cute tin may garden. Maintain your headphones together and allow for drainage in a round pan or pan. It is simple and environment-friendly.

5. Wall Decoration Herb Garden

Image Source : www.miss.at

Make this candy herb garden using a vintage look with old jam jars and a wooden board.