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Many people in our apartment have small bathrooms, and we provide some ideas about how to set this up. The real challenge is to arrange the space well in small bathrooms since, in addition to furniture and sanitation facilities, there are many small things that require their own space for storage. Storage in the bathroom is necessary, and you may save space and money by recycling items in your home. There are many very good ideas for recycling wooden boxes, glass jars, wicker baskets and plastic containers, which you can use while designing small spaces.

To make a small bathroom attractive and functional, a good organization is very important. Funny ideas for storage emphasize modern design in all bathrooms, and boxes and baskets made from natural materials are an exceptional choice. Hanging baskets look attractive and help save space. Woven baskets or plastic baskets are ideal for hanging metal bars. Such ideas are suitable for storing towels. The bucket also looks good on the wall or shelf.

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