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Beautiful new Google office interior design picture


Among the most amazing thing which Google office is quite comfortable with modern and luxurious interior design. Google’s office like this is not an office, but somewhere to perform and have fun is quite large. Each room in the Google headquarters in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California United States, includes a motif and design their very own unique and different from google office which exist in different nations.

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Thus, all distinct, ranging from the room interior, decoration, color, until the particulars like aquarium, shape couch, hallway and many other things.
The most exciting of the Google office in central America, its form is similar to a complex of homes and offices since it is not Google workers don’t wear uniforms. Concerning the office, they’re free to put on a shirt and trousers jeans. By way of instance, there is a professional massage agency, pet care and play centers for children of employees.

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A office is promoting the idea of employee relaxation. It all sensible to increase the work ethic of each worker at Google. Google’s office in accord with his company has been so impressed imaging pleasure, the writing colorful Google logo, and the designs aren’t rigid.With the spirit of the, the design of Google office is obviously filled with color. In reality, the workers there likes to draw and doodle a huge board that is especially provided for scratch paper. With this strategy, Google attempts to create workers ideas never expire. In addition to the headquarters in Mountain View, Santa Clara County, California United States, you will find several Google offices spread across the World, from Europe, South America, Asia. In Reality, the Middle East area. Such as the Google office centers in the USA, any Google office in many other countries throughout the world have similar characteristics, namely the notion of colors implemented in office spaces.The gap, just the large-small offices in each country. The office is still not too large to implement such a enjoyable setting comfortable and relaxed. The choice of fabric colors in each room can be quite sharp contrast to eliminate the rigid nature of this office. Usage of blue in the kitchen and couch red color is quite striking for the size of a office. But, Google office appears to be the way instead.