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9 Magnificent small narrow bathroom design ideas


As you’ve observed, small bathrooms are often very appealing and practical.

Careful choice of tiles, streamlined drop-in tub, hardware, and lighting can make an illusion of extensiveness and airiness, and also everything are the purpose when decorating a bathroom.

We’ve chosen 9 magnificent small narrow bathroom design ideas so hopefully, you will figure out how to find the perfect one for you.

1. Add a ledge

 image source : happymodern

In case your tiny narrow bathroom suffers from a significant shortage of storage space, why not opt to get a ledge directly above the sink?

This will hold all of your daily essentials, and a few bits of art but will not occupy as much floor — and wall space.

2. Go With a Sliding Shower Door

image source : moodecor

Instead of a fluffy shower curtain which takes up plenty of space in your small narrow washing room, select a glass door onto a railing that remains parallel with the wall in any way times.

You may thank you later for all these bathroom Suggestions for a long narrow room

3. Display An Atypical Shower Curtain

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Here’s an idea — utilize a curtain that appears more like a curtain compared to the traditional cheep-looking vinyl shower curtain. Proceed to some thrift stores around your area and search for a number of treasures.

The odd curtain will not just create the bathroom space sense much more sophisticated, but in addition, it leaves the shower feels just like a different (bonus) room!

4. Do Not block The Shower

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Perhaps you have noticed that plenty of narrow master bathroom thoughts advice you to bypass the foggy black or glass curtain, and proceed for glass doors? It will produce the shower feel as homey square footage.

Another simple way to bring life back to your own tiny bathroom space, would be to bring some greenery.

5. Keep It Minimalistic

 image source : autodesign

In my opinion, the toughest thing would be to find some fantastic narrow bathroom thoughts whenever there’s a cut roof since it occupies a lot of space.

So in this scenario, the best thing to do would be to keep it simple and minimalistic. In different provisions, make sure each bit has a goal.

6. Change The Shower Curtain

 image source : autodesign

Changing the shower curtain is one of those classic long narrow bathroom decorating ideas.

This update is cheap and super exciting and it may make a large difference in your space.

You will find endless trendy options available for under $50, which means you really don’t have any reason to maintain your old boring shower curtain!

7. Save Some Wall Space

 image source : dorisleslieblau

The majority of the long narrow bathroom thoughts are including easy metal (or brass) towel racks around the tub and the sink. Why?

Because, first, they’re extremely helpful (say no to this tip-toeing about when you’re soaking wet!) , and secondly, they’re saving a Great Deal of wall space

8. Brass Accents In a Narrow Washing Room

 image source : guideideas

The brass shower attachments, like the bathtub manages, the hanging lights, the towel bar, include enhancing elements to the fashionable narrow bathroom, that maintain the room design easy and open as a complete (but not overwhelming).

9. Bohemian Bathroom Idea

 image source : elle

Certainly, this is one of the greatest narrow bathroom tile ideas I have seen up to now!
Instead of installing a double sink vanity, the long design can save you a serious space.
The sink and the countertop are one piece and it is long enough that the two people can prepare .