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9 Greatest DIY Birdhouse Suggestions with tutorials


Bring birds in your backyard or apartment balcony by providing them refuge. Here are the 28 Greatest DIY Birdhouse Suggestions with tutorials!

1. DIY Winecork Birdhouse

Image Source :  trendecora.com

This wine cork birdhouse is decorative, a fantastic DIY project to follow.

2. DIY Mod Podge Birdhouses

Image Source : imgdealix.pw

Make Cloth covered designer birdhouses for your yard

3. DIY Grapevine Balls for Nesting Birds

Image Source : www.drbillywilbanks.com

This does not seem like your regular birdhouse, but something sensible to attract nesting birds in your backyard.

4. Milk Carton Birdhouse

Image Source : lordimg.pw

Have you got milk cartons or juice cartons? Instead of throwing them away, convince them to make this Birdhouse+Birdfeeder!

5. Rustic Clay Birdhouse

Image Source : pinteres.com

This natural clay birdhouse isn’t too lasting outside, but it is fine DIY project if you would like to keep it indoors as a decorative thing.

6. Colorful Birdhouse

Image Source : www.nextonenow.com

This colorful DIY birdhouse project here is indeed enjoyable to followalong; it is possible to decorate the birdhouse using your preferred colors.

7. DIY Green Roof Birdhouse

Image Source : naturebring.com

This green roof birdhouse is simple to create and supports the ecosystem too. You’re able to grow bud, succulents or a few other crops on it.

8. Plastic Bottle Birdhouse

Image Source : annica.co

You can create this birdhouse using a plastic bottle and hang it on your balcony, a nice project to try with your kids.

9. Greek Temple Inspired Birdhouse

Image Source :  www.instructables.com

You do not have to be quite adept in carpentry to make this Greek Temple Resembling Bird House, only a couple of actions to finish it.