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6 Beautiful and minimalist kitchen ideas for small spaces


Kitchen is a really important room for each home and obviously that the kitchen needs to be in each home. If a house with no kitchen, then the home will get vacant and naturally there’ll be on the home.

The narrow room becomes a barrier in organizing a kitchen, many of which have difficulty in arranging the kitchen in a small room. Really there are many means to expect the arrangement of the kitchen in a small or narrow space. 1 way which could be done would be to utilize the kitchen set since by using this kitchen place the kitchen will probably be more practical and much more leverage in laying kitchen equipment. In addition to using a kitchen place we could even use a minimalist notion that can maximize the existing space in kitchen.

Weekend Retread Kitchen

 image source : wallsumo.com

This is a trendy (and slighty quieter) option ) Inside the kitchen ideal for entertaining despite the restricted square-footage.

Quaint and Colorful Kitchen

 image source : benimmulku.com

Simply because the kitchen is petite, does not menas it’s any less full of life.

Lack of Counter Space

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You have recovered some counter space, but do you still feel as if it is not enough? That is a frequent matter. We’ve got ideas for maximizing (and even adding) more counter space for your small kitchen, including a hint for turning the sink into a cutting board.

Glossy Lacquer

 image source : newhomesandideas.com

As soon as you decide what color to go for, do not neglect the finish. A kitchen in a wine crimson acquired a high-gloss coating which aided the small space feel larger.

Cooking Tool Wall Storage

 image source : archidea.com.ua

Get inspiration from a number of the busiest restaurant kitchens, that use industrial wall components and racks for utensil storage.

Breakfast Counter

 image source :  salonurody.info

Kitchen and dining room with a cute pass-through. Not only does this open up both rooms, but additionally adds a cherry place for a fast meal.