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30+ Fantastic Airstream Interior Design Ideas

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The Ford Airstream is really one-of-a-kind. Few vehicles evoke a mixed response of disbelief, fascination and a comedic giggle during automobile displays however, the Ford Airstream concept automobile may have done exactly that. Conjuring up images of wacky street excursions, the Ford Airstream resembles the birth child of a union between family vans, space capsules, Airstream trailers, and also a Pimp My Ride episode.

Launched in the 2007 Detroit Auto Show earlier this season, the Ford Airstream is the product of a cooperation involving Ford Motors and Airstream which came about whether the former has been busy designing a concept automobile centered around the notion of this American Journey. Together with Airstream holding a solid presence in American street traveling, both coming together has been an perfect match.

Could this be the future of street travel? Ford certainly designed this using an eye on what crossover vehicles may look like in the long run. Even the Ford Airstream appears interesting and comfortable, the tech is topnotch and, with partial funding from the U.S. Department of Energy, it may prove a fantastic solution to our existing fuel woes.


Most notable among the automobile’s impressive bundle is your Hyseries Drive. The Hyseries Drive is your Ford Airstream’s battery-run powertrain using its onboard plug-in charger and also a hydrogen fuel-cell. The mobile, supplied by Ford partner Ballard, automatically turns on when the battery charge drops to under 40-percent. It is less than half of the size, continues nearly twice as long, and built much easier than existing traditional fuel cell systems.

The Ford Airstream is designed to operate using the battery’s power the entire time and boasts the equal fuel economy of 41 mpg.

The doors are big and asymmetrical, allowing for unobstructed loading of big freight. The passenger-side clamshell door is enormous, allowing a opening which runs two-thirds the whole length of this van. The way to open up the doors while switching involving two vehicles on each side will probably be another story, however, maybe to be attended if this theory sees creation.

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